Recent announcements by the telecom industry of satellite connectivity direct-to-device together with the advances of broadband ubiquitous satellite terminals make the LEO system a pivotal role in the next generation of telecommunications advances. In contrast to other telecom domains, the space sector is usually dominated by proprietary solutions and development dissemination ideas are limited, precluding a cross-fertilization between academia and industry. Furthermore, recent geopolitical situations have envisioned space assets as a strategic tool. This workshop aims to fill the gap between the identification of current signal processing challenges faced by the space industry and researchers. The topics will embrace the current main areas of development:

i) next-generation space systems including in-space routing, processing and beamforming;

ii) ground segment advances for dealing with multi-orbit multi-band networks;

iii) terminal advanced both broadband high-frequency solutions and direct-to-device topics.

iv) air-interface design for convergent terrestrial and satellite communications;

v) optical and quantum communications.

The workshop is meant to provide a good balance of industry development forecasts and fundamental research analyses. With this aim, the workshop is composed of industry presentations followed by a panel together with the technical paper session.

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